In this new millennium in which Turkey has entered an era of growth and structuring by taking the right steps, three main elements come to the fore in the production of construction and engineering services. Our company was founded in 1998. The company's mission is to supply services on a corporate base to companies that operate in the corporate field. Accurate planning and budgeting, ensuring compliance with international quality standards, fast and timely work delivery. From renovation works to comprehensive construction projects, these three factors in every field is key for investors from all sectors. As DİEM Mühendislik Mimarlık A.Ş. we wish to take on important duties in the healthy examination and actualisation of these factors.

Our team that works in the fields of design, projecting, project management and contracting under the umbrella of DİEM Mühendislik Mimarlık A.Ş. contributes to the design, projecting and project management phases of works of domestic and foreign industrial corporations such as plants, office buildings, administrative buildings, shopping malls, cinemas and call centres as well as taking active role in the contract phase of the works in question. Our expertise in completing the projects at high standards and in advance of the schedule is one of our outstanding qualities.

DIEM also acts as a contractor for various projects of customers to renovate office floors, to construct reinforced concrete and steel buildings, to build reinforcements, to install all kinds of electrical or mechanical infrastructures and superstructures, to perform landscaping works, and to build infrastructure and superstructure works.

Giving priority to institutionalization since day one and having taken big and bold steps to that target, DIEM transformed its internal dynamics to a structure stronger and more competitive, enabling it to offer its services to more and more markets. DIEM Muhendislik Mimarlik A.Ş. focuses on growing without slowing down.

DIEM Muhendislik Mimarlik A.Ş. aims to provide products and services at high standards in accordance with its total quality management system, to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction, and to have strong and reliable relations with its business partners.