In this new millennium in which Turkey has entered an era of growth and structuring by taking the right steps, three main elements come to the fore in the production of construction and engineering services. Our company was founded in 1998. The company's mission is to supply services on a corporate base to companies that operate in the corporate field. Accurate planning and budgeting, ensuring compliance with international quality standards, fast and timely work delivery. From renovation works to comprehensive construction projects, these three factors in every field is key for investors from all sectors. As DİEM Mühendislik Mimarlık Ltd. we wish to take on important duties in the healthy examination and actualisation of these factors.
Our team that works in the fields of design, projecting, project management and contracting under the umbrella of DİEM Mühendislik Mimarlık Ltd. contributes to the design, projecting and project management phases of works of domestic and foreign industrial corporations such as plants, office buildings, administrative buildings, shopping malls, cinemas and call centres as well as taking active role in the contract phase of the works in question. Our expertise in completing the projects at high standards and in advance of the schedule is one of our outstanding qualities.


As a corporation that is aware of its social responsibilities, that contributes to country economy and that is sensitive towards the environment, based on the principle of continuous development and improvement, planning and applying our products, solutions and activities in harmony with the environment and taking the necessary precautions, planning our development and application activities in a manner that prevents any possible environmental pollution,
Conducting work to reduce environmental pollution as an indicator of our sustainable development, ensuring the efficient use of energy and natural resources, carrying out work to increase the environmental awareness of all of our employees and suppliers,
Performing our legal obligations regarding the environmental aspects of our operations as well as taking part in, and supporting, the activities of public and private corporations related to the environment, informing our clients on the environmental impacts of our products and solutions, implementing occupational health and safety rules are the fundamental factors employed in identifying our objectives and targets in developing our Environmental Management System.


As a leading corporation of the industry with respect technology and quality, which makes an important contribution to the country economy and which is fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment and the community, our company's "occupational health and safety policy" reflects the value we give human beings.
Protecting the personal health of employees, ensuring the healthiness of working and environment conditions of businesses, identifying factors that may cause occupational accidents and diseases, identifying risks, regulating methods and functions to take the necessary precautions, and fully eliminating hazards comprise our main objective.
To this end, to meet the requirements of standards and international legislation through modern, technical and scientific methods and thereby ensuring occupational safety in all of our areas of operations as well as rendering working environments healthy while emphasising the protection of the environment is very important in terms of the personal health of employees.


In the infrastructure and superstructure constructions, office renovation projects and the production of construction elements, Diem Mühendislik Mimarlık Ltd. complies with design, applicable standards, technical specifications, administrative and legislative requirements, the requirements of the technique and craft of construction as well as applying innovations in information and communications technologies to products and production.
It uses its resources in an economical, active and efficient manner in order to maintain customer satisfaction by taking the clients' needs and facilities through the active participation of each employee. It always delivers its products in time. It continuously improves its management system. In doing all these, it aims at developing its identity as a leading company that is innovative and open to development and maintaining DİEM's different in national and international competition.
Information on what we have achieved until today as well as our future work is accessible by the public, and ensuring and sustaining environmental quality is the duty of each Diem Mühendislik Mimarlık İnş. Taah. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. employee.



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