As a leading corporation of the industry with respect technology and quality, which makes an important contribution to the country economy and which is fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment and the community, our company's "occupational health and safety policy" reflects the value we give human beings.

Protecting the personal health of employees, ensuring the healthiness of working and environment conditions of businesses, identifying factors that may cause occupational accidents and diseases, identifying risks, regulating methods and functions to take the necessary precautions, and fully eliminating hazards comprise our main objective.

To this end, to meet the requirements of standards and international legislation through modern, technical and scientific methods and thereby ensuring occupational safety in all of our areas of operations as well as rendering working environments healthy while emphasising the protection of the environment is very important in terms of the personal health of employees.

We document our "occupational health and safety development and implementation" works in order to increase our total quality management activities, carry them out continuously and in a planned manner and review them regularly.

Measures taken against work accidents and occupational health measures increase the capacity and productivity of our employees, and contribute to this company’s competitiveness. We target to improve the employees’ knowledge through training courses, to arrange more social and cultural events and to raise their morale and motivation to maximum, for the sake of both safety and productivity.

As part of our philosophy of “human health and safety first”, we believe that all kinds of investments we make in our employees and suppliers working at our sites and projects are much more important than all other factors.

What have we done to date and what will we do in the future are announced to the public, and each and every employee of Diem Mühendislik Mimarlżk Ins. Taah. San ve Tic. A.Ž. is in charge of applying and improving this company’s health and safety policies as part of our total quality management system.