Kütahya Shopping Mall
General Information
  • Location of the Work: Kütahya
  • Employer: Kiler GYO A.Ş.
  • Design: Öncüoğlu Mimarlık
  • Project Management: ENTEGRE PRJ YÖN VE DAN.
  • Contract Date: 10.2011
  • Construction Area: 65.000 sqm
  • Description of the Work: Finishing Works
About the Project
The 4-storey building with a total indoor area of 65.000 m2 was designed as having 2 storeys for stores and 1 basement for a parking lot. Under the project, the fine construction of the common areas and the food court is carried out. The work covers masonry, wall-cladding, ceiling, flooring, fire escape railing, deck ladder and steel ladder etc. works. The project that started in October is still underway.