General Information
  • Location of the Work: Başakşehir-İstanbul
  • Employer: Torunlar GYO A.Ş
  • Design: Development Design Group Incorpora Ted
  • Project Management: ENTEGRE PRJ YÖN VE DAN.
  • Contract Date: 28.03.2012
  • Construction Area: 350.000 sqm
  • Description of the Work: Mall Of Istanbul Project Shopping Mall Mortar Production Works
About the Project
The gas concrete wall, pumice concrete wall, plaster and finish works of the 160.000 m2 rented shopping mall section of the 540.000sqm project belonging to Torunlar GYO A.Ş., which also includes a hotel, office blocks, residences, a hospital and a shopping mall, is being carried out. The shopping mall block has 8 storeys, namely 4 basement floors, one ground floor and 3 normal floors. The project that was started in April has been completed.