Mersa Data Technic and Global General Management Building
General Information
  • Location of the Work: Ümraniye – İstanbul
  • Employer: Mersa Elektronik ve Teknolojik Ürünleri Ticareti A.Ş.
  • Contract Date: 01.2010
  • Construction Area: 12.600 sqm
  • Description of the Work: Finishing Works
About the Project
Previously the building was used by another company as 20% office areas and the remaining parts as storage and production areas. The fully renovated building was projected as having 55% office areas and 45% storage area, and the application was carried out accordingly. The landscaping and the rough-fine construction of the security hut was also completed by our company under our project. In addition to the fine construction items under the project, we have carried out various rough construction items at various points.